Good news outdoor climbing lovers. From September Climbing Club Kaunas will offer outdoor climbing trainings on climbing tower in Jonava.
Trainings will be twice in a week. Below you will see which days in September trainings will happen.
I would like to notice that is not necessary to participate in trainings, you also can do free climbing on the tower
*It’s possible to arrange transportation from Kaunas in one car.
**Time can be changed/variable depending from the weather.
***Registration is needed in trainings and also in free climbing. Registration can be done by email: linasz52@gmail.com or by phone: +37068382441
****Individual trainings can be arranged independently on other days of the week

Free climbing price 10EUR
One-time training visit 15EUR
Individual training for 1 person 22EUR, 2 persons 30 EUR.

For equipment rentals, please also contact linasz52@gmail.com